Chinese Assistant Editor|购物退税服务机构

地点:上海| 学历:本科| 工作经验:1年以内 2018.11.07
职位要求 Job Specification:

1.You have demonstrated experience in a digital publishing or media environment.
2.You are a creative mind with an ability to create original and engaging content.
3.You have excellent written and grammatical skills with experience in writing published features for online and/or social and/or print media.
4.You have a keen interest in and love of fashion, travel and shopping, both current and historic, including its cultural context.
5.You have experience in or an understanding of the luxury fashion space, including media, brands, retail and e-commerce.
6.You have experience in using Chinese social media such as WeChat and Weibo; you are capable to write for social media in a tone that favoured by Chinese audience.
7.You have strong analytical skills, understand social metrics, Google Analytics and SEO report.
8.You are capable to work under pressure, on deadlines and to multitask on various projects at one time.
9.You have excellent communication and good project management skills.
10.You are a self-starter with an ability to work autonomously and proactively.
11.You are a team player with a love of collaboration and teamwork.
12.You have a good relationship with international fashion and luxury PRs.

职位描述 Job Description:

1.You will pro-actively pitch suitable topics to support weekly and monthly social media and online content creation. You will work with the editorial team and digital marketing team based in London to find out which trends and topics are most relevant and more possible to attract and engage the Chinese audience.
2.Focusing mainly on Asian travel destinations such as Japan, Korea and Singapore, you will write at least 15 articles in Chinese a month to contain informative, engaging and creative fashion, travel, and shopping-focused content for use on social media, website and digital campaign. These articles should adhere to Global brand in-house style, tone of voice on social media and apply current SEO techniques suitable for Chinese market.
3.You will upload content directly to the website using a custom in-house CMS.
4.You will help develop new content types, initiate new digital event campaigns to attract more Chinese audience across brand social media channels and website. 
5.You will deliver weekly and monthly online traffic and social media reports and make suggestions on how to improve traffic and engagement. 
6.Working with the larger team, you will create branded content as well as social media posts and work to integrate the social and online content teams.
7.You will stay in the loop with the latest trends/technology/best practices in social media sphere to keep improving and optimizing content qualtiiy.
8.Based in China, you will help establish and maintain connection with the Chinese branches of band clients which include both brands and retailers. You will help gather market intelligence and best practices for Global Blue to better understand Chinese market.

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