Regional Manager,China|热门直属旅游局

地点:上海| 学历:专科| 工作经验:5年以上 2017.12.13
职位要求 Job Specification:

1.A bachelor degree from a reputable tertiary institution in the field of tourism,marketing,communications or any other relevant field.
2.6-8years of experience in the similar role or at least 10years of experience in the similar field of work with proven experience in the travel industry.Trade contacts are advantageous.
3.Experience in project planning,writing,budgeting and report writing.
4.Demonstrated co-operative/partnership marketing skills and ability to develop and implement marketing strategies.
5.Understanding of the travel industry and market trends.
6.High level research and analytical skills.
7.Excellent communication and negotiation skills.
8.Fluent in English.
9.Excellent project management skills and the capacity to deliver outcomes on time and within budget.
10.Some international travel required.

职位描述 Job Description:

1.In close consultation with the Regional manager,Asia develop a yearly and 3-year strategic plan for the china market.
2.Plan and implement marketing and trade activities in china with marketing managers and agency partners.
3.Develop and manage co-operative partnerships with industry partners that provide promotional opportunities and distribution channels for tourism .
4.Identify and leverage publicity opportunities.
5.Provide market intelligence and reporting to head office in toutism.
6.Represent tourism at a variety of industry events,forums and meeting.
7.Strong reporting skills.


其他信息 Other Infomation:

联系人: Long Xi | 021-6385 8570

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